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Shrub & Plant Care

Gregory’s experts can develop a customized plan to identify and rid your plants of problems.

Monitor the health of your lawn and gardens.  Knowing a few common problems can help you indentify issues with your plants. 

Here are a few of the common threats to your plants and shrubs in South Carolina:

Cercospora Leaf Spot

This starts as tiny, raised, red or dark green spots on the upper side of the leaf and tan to black colored spots on the underneath of the leaf. This leaf spot is always a result of too much water.


In the beginning, this is nothing more than a small, water-soaked looking speck. It will eventually turn yellow and then brown. The cause of this is typically over-watering in areas that cannot dry out, letting the water sit on the leaves.

Entomosporium Leaf Spot

The reddish halo around this unusually dark brown leaf spot is an easy threat to spot.

This disease will lie dormant but continue in the spring when the spores discharge with Spring growth.


This typically occurs on roses but can be found on some of your other ornamentals. Just as the name implies, this looks like rust. It develops in cool, humid conditions, and it overwinters, meaning that it can be a continuing problem if not treated.

Root Rot / Crown Rot


This disease lives up to its simple name in that it rots the roots and/or crown of plants. It is caused from severe over watering and/or drainage issues where the water will not flow.

Gregory offers commercial lawn services and residential lawn services to their customers including tree and shrub care, aeration and overseeding, shrub and plant care, and weed identification. Take a look at a list of common plants and shrubs and landscaping techniques that we use.  We also provide information about pests including techniques used to exterminate fire ants, fleas, and mosquitoes.

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