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Drainage Issues

Gregory’s experts can help you develop a customized plan to tackle drainage issues.

Look for areas of your lawn that are either not level, compacted, or sloping toward your home.  Poor drainage can drown out entire patches of grass, wash out flowerbeds, and compromise your home's foundation.

Compacted soil is often the reason for poor drainage because hard surfaces do not allow water absorption. To reclaim your lawn, aerate your soil and then add a top dressing of compost to add nutrients to strengthen your lawn.

Gregory offers commercial lawn services and residential lawn services to their customers including tree and shrub care, aeration and overseeding, shrub and plant care, and weed identification. Take a look at a list of common plants and shrubs and landscaping techniques that we use.  We also provide information about pests including techniques used to exterminate fire ants, fleas, and mosquitoes.

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